Thursday, September 27, 2007

unique double drum pedal

A very special double pedal DW 9000 SERIES include a Nylon Strap and can be easily converted from Chain-Drive to Nylon Strap.Also The Free-Floating Rotor drive system allows the shaft to turn independently of the rotor, directing energy from the pedal board straight to the beater. The design also uses friction-reducing ball bearings to optimize the already incredibly smooth, gravity-defying action. BUY OR DIE

Triple-Neck Guitar

This is a laser-firing, three-neck electric guitar that also has a mini pipe organ built in. It has robotic fingers for fretting and three armatures for picking and strumming.I think that MICHAEL ANGELO can play this .I saw him in a drum clinic .

from : oddmusic

Julian Pavone Drummer-2 Year Old

An amazing little drummer JULIAN PAVONE he is only 2 years old and he kick ass with his rhythm !!!!!!!!!!.He stand in one position without a chair .Absolutely amazinggggg

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Marty Friedman with Aki Yashiro

A great performance of a traditional japanese singer Aki Yashiro with a giant guitar master payer MARTY FRIEDMAN .Listen to this . I think that MARTY played better without MEGADETH.He played a great solos in period rust in peace but i think he played better solos in the period of cacophony when he was almost in the age of 18.Now Marty makes a big career in japan in guitar clinics ans at tv shows .

Saturday, September 22, 2007

GARY CHERONE a great voice

Gary in the early days was one iof my best voices.He make a big success with EXTREME .Also make a record with VAN HALEN the VAN HALEN III with no success in my opinion .I read today that in a best off VAN HALENs they didnt write anything about Gary .but he maked a lot of lives with the band i cant understand ,this is a strange thing.They dodnt want to remember the Garys years ???????.Also Gary with the great voice ,the balland voice (not all the time ) released a mini ep called need i say more.BEAUTIFUL VOICE , with a beautiful music .I think that Gary is a very talent front man and he dodnt deserved some people to forget him .Also a very strange project of Gary was the Tribe Of Judah .Very strange music for the regular listeners.I cant forget the other progect a, a jazz project see how big frond man he is listen him to the the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.He totally kick ass with his energy .Thats all a great voice for a great ears


Rock the place Dave.Van halen seems very powerful after those years .They have a lot of energy ,actually no the same energy of the 80s but they are in the best road.All the tickets will be sold out i know that .People want to see the most rock n roll band in the planet .I wish to come to my country ,but this is very difficult.We dodnt have sponsors i dodnt know .In my country we see all the same band and we are boring to see maiden again .Its enough .There are a lot of bands out there a lot of kind of music .I am looking forward seeing the gods in my country or in a neighbor country like Italy

Monday, September 17, 2007

Giant bass talent

Yes this is the time of the most talent bass player on the planet BILLY SHEEHAN .The most amazing bass gods in the rock history. Performed in a famous bands like DAVID LEE ROTH , MR.big Talas .He know a lot about his instrument and he played like a crazy man .This video is from an old MR. BIG live and i dodnt know how to describe this .If you listen his bass with a headphones you will listen and realize a lot of secret sound .Maybe he was the reason he broke with mr.big but he is a giant bass player .Also the last years joined the amazing STEVE VAI with an all star band .When they play all solos we blow everything in the pit .Enjoy the god player

dean guitars with Vinnie Moore

Vinnie Moore one of my best solo ,instrumental guitar players ,enjoy dean guitars .Oh thats GREAT.Dean the last time make a good contracts with guitar players .another person who sign with dean is mr DAVE MUSTAINE .All of those years he prefair to play with Jackson but know he decide to make a deal with Dean .Since i was child ,when i heard about Jackson guitars the first person came into my mind was the Dave.Maybe we make a very good deal i dodnt know which guitars are the best

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"When The Aliens Come" by Martone

A new album of mr. Martone .An excellent guitar album only instrumental songs .He knows how to play the melodic and the aggressive parts.The most of songs are brilliant .I had a long time to listen album so strong with so good ideas and so mystery ,dodnt forget Aliens come........In some parts the album reminds me the classic Satriani stuff but i think the Martone has his own style .some of best songs we have here are the four horsemen, really know, fumble fingers ,the drummer kick ass with his double bass drumming , also mannemanaw is a very good technical song .The most of the songs are brilliant .i think this is one of the best records in the year. Double ffs is my favorite .T HIS IS A step forward for Martone .The new style of dynamic guitar i think helps him in the future.About the production a very very digital recording the best in this kind of guitar instrumentals albums .

my vote is :9/10

drowning pool new album .the change

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The new ones drowning pool is here.A lot of changes in their music more slow tempos less energy and of cource more melodic style.The highlights of the album are soldiers ,shame ,duet and the balland reason i am alive. I think they lose some of their energy but the create a great musical instruments a greaaaat ideas for the new kind of music.I think that in some parts they remind me some of Alice in chains.The best in my opinion is shame -maybe is the best song of all albums they have a very well done song for me .Also they support soldiers with a gig a great move.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


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Paul and Gene will appear at the Tiger Electronics POWER TOUR Electric Guitar launch party. The party will take place at the New York City Hard Rock Cafe on September 19th and is an 'invitation-only' event.

Tiger Electronics is part of the Hasbro Toy Company - which released the KISS Tooth Tunes. Hasbro will also be releasing several new KISS products soon! Stay tuned to KISSONLINE for details on these new items.


Jason becker support

The guru ,amazing guitarist JASON BECKER is effected by als.A strange decease.SUPPORT the best arpeggio guitar god.Buy this stuff for helping the most intelligent guitar hero of the planet.20 year old boy joined DAVID LEE ROTH and he maked a fabulous records with MARTY FRIEDMAN in cacophony.The best wishes jason.Some informations about the jasons t-shirt :
15 dollars for us order
and 22 for international order
take your copy .

super mario drum version (amazing)

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Seven year old crazy talent

I can believe i saw that kid.He is an amazing child.He played very easy jazzy stuff.He doesn't have the best technical playing but dodnt forget that he is only seven year old boy.Video speaks .Try this stuff at your home that will be verry funny.You may loose the rhythm , but its ok for the start.

Baby Metallicazzzzz

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket />Are you a father and you plan to buy some stuff to you children?You are also a big rocker maniac.Check this out a very cool rocky plate for your kids.The plate.The Metallicas merchant cares about your life and your kids.You can find this plate and some stuff for kinds in the official store of Metallica but you must be a member.I think that only kISS has a rich merchandising but Metallicas have too.

artistic drum kits

Ohhhhhhhhh. I am a drummer player and this is the first time i saw this kind of drum kit .This is very artical drum kit with full of colours .A basic set with most important parts and zildjian
cymbals with it.The name of this drum set is red and black spyral. Awesome drums .You can find some of them in this location .I like them all.The parts are :
18" x 16" Bass Drum
10" x 8" Tom Tom
12" x 9" Tom Tom
14" x 14" Floor Tom
14" x 5" Snare Drum
This drum kit reminds me the guitar of the ultimate Zakk Wylde .So enjoy this stuff all music lovers

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

All star live performance (Guitar Wars)

All star night in hard rock cafe.A Unique event for hard rock cafe΄s 20th universary in Japan.A lot of brilliant musicians from ex-Mr.big , extreme, ex-led-zeppelin, genesis,King grimson.A different kind of musicians from different kind of music styles are in a team witch teaches us how to play great music and how to colapse diffenend kind of music in one song.Also big moments of this live are the songs communication breakdown and the classic rock and roll.Highlight of the night the incredible version of cupids dead with Nuno Bettencourt on guitar ,more than words ,Nuno , Gary And GILBERTO in the same song who imagine this .My favourite time is i like rock a Gilbert song is one of my favorites.See that DVD the best release in the last years .

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fuzzy control (best japanese rock band)

I Have some months that i discover this brilliant band Fuzzy control .They kick my ass seriously .i dodnt want to say a lot of things only see the video and travel your minds.If you can read the Japanese go to their home . the best of all

New van halen live dates

The new van halen tour dates begin .You can chech the dates to this link .Those are all official tour dates and soon we can buy from the new online store .yeahhhhhh

Monday, September 10, 2007

Prepair to rock n roll

Hallo people this is a fact .Van halen are on the road.This is a photo of rehearsal and they probably kick ass out there .With old hits bring us years before .This is unofficial set list .check this out
You Really Got Me
Romeo Delight
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
I'm The One
Mean Street
Pretty Woman
Dance The Night Away
Ice Cream Man
Beautiful Girls

[Guitar Solo]
So This Is Love?
And The Cradle Will Rock
Everybody Wants Some
I'll Wait
Runnin' With The Devil
Little Guitars
Jamie's Cryin'
Atomic Punk
Feel Your Love Tonight
Little Dreamer
Hot For Teacher
Ain't Talkin' 'About Love



Friday, September 7, 2007

Monday, September 3, 2007

hard rock in sharm doesnt play rock

Last week i was in Sharm, Egypt and i went to Hard Rock Cafe .It was very rocky from outside but i realized that they dont play hard rock music at all.They played pop or dance music .So what about the name of this bar Hard Rock Cafe??????. I think that supposed to play only hard rock or rock music.I prefair the 80s or 90s rock music.So i didn't stay a lot of time in Hard Rock Cafe.Also one thing i didnt like is that the t-shirts store had a lot of t-shirts and accessories but all the t-shirts was in a very big sizes .I wear m size and m size was like a xl .very big sizes .Also i realized all this stuff to the similar Hard Rock Cafe in Cairo,The same things........maybe some stuffs of this bar must be change .rock the place

save our planet

Save our planet is good for everybody.This summer was the most weird summers of all last years .we must try to keep the planet safe and healthy .Send this message to everyone to knw about it .It is very serious thing .I know that everyone say:i can safe the planet by my own.But if we try together maybe we can do a lot of things .