Friday, March 12, 2010

Chickenfoot Get Your Buzz On DVD/Blu-ray

The Blu-ray and DVD editions are jam-packed with exclusive, never-before-seen backstage footage, rare behind-the-scenes interviews, additional performance footage, photo gallery and hilarious segments featuring a host of special guest appearances from Adam Corolla, Bob Weir and Christopher Guest aka “Nigel Tufnel” of Spinal Tap fame

Track Listing
1. Avenida Revolution
2. Sexy Little Thing
3. Soap On A Rope
4. My Kinda Girl
5. Down The Drain
6. Bitten By The Wolf
7. Oh Yeah
8. Learnin’ To Fall
9. Get It Up
10. Turnin’ Left
11. Future In The Past
12. Bad Motor Scooter
13. My Generation

Bonus Features
Band Interviews
Running time: 60 minutes (approx)
Photo Gallery

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Ibanez Universe 20th Anniversary

Greek letter from Tom ANGELRIPPER to all the Greek Sodomaniacs


also check the new re release of agent orange

CD 1 

1. Agent Orange 
2. Tired And red 
3. Incest 
4. Remember The Fallen 
5. Magic Dragon 
6. Exhibition Bout 
7. Ausgebombt 
8. Baptism Of Fire 
9. Don`t Walk Away (TANK cover) 

CD 2 

1. Incest (live) 
2. Agent Orange (live) 
3. Tired And Red (live) 
4. Remember The Fallen (live) 
5. Ausgebombt (live) 
6. Ausgebombt (german version) 

Shockhound show new episode

Shockhound show

Metallica rule this World , violence in Columbia

Fans riot at Metallica's Bogota gig

Violence and chaos broke out around Bogota's Simon Bolivar park Wednesday night, when hundreds of frenzied fans tried to crash heavy metal band Metallica's first Colombian concert in eleven years.
Bogota's Regulatory Center of Emergency Services reported that four policemen and four civilians were hospitalized throughout the evening for cuts, lesions to the head and one fractured leg. One youth was stabbed with knife in the hand.
130 people were arrested and property was vandalized and destroyed, as ticketless fans tried to storm the venue in order to catch a glimpse of their rock-god idols.
Radio Santa Fe reported that prior to the concert, there were posts on social networking site Facebook inciting fans to crash the Metallica concert.
Estimates of audience numbers by Colombian media sources oscillate wildly between 20,000 and 70,000.

This is the official report from

METAL BLADE RECORDS and the new Metal blade Tv

Metal blade Tv

also check a lot of interesting stuff intervies , music and live videos , dvd trailers here

Green Day: Rock Band releases June coming soon

Green Day: Rock Band

Publisher: MTV Games
Developer: Harmonix
Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

ENTOMBED "Monkey Puss (Live in London)" full concert By earache

ENTOMBED "Monkey Puss (Live in London)"
Live From The London Astoria 18th MArch 19926. Living Dead
7. Revel In Flesh
8. Stranger Aeons
9. But Life Goes On
10. Sinners Bleed
11. Evilyn
12. The Truth Beyond
13. Drowned
14. Left Hand Path

Entombed - Live @ The London Astoria 1992 - Full Live Show on MUZU

A Deicide kick ass live video (full concert by earache)

Deicide - Live @ The Rescue Rooms - Full Live Show on MUZU

more info at earache