Wednesday, October 17, 2007

strange guitars

1.– Flipout


See something strange in this guitar? Yeah, the body is reversed. Or maybe it’s the neck which is reversed? Anyway, this doesn’t seem like a comfortable guitar to play, at least if you want to get to the higher notes in the fretboard. You can get one for $459 online.

2.– Gun guitar


Play and kill at the same time with the Gun guitar. Someone from Gizmodo saw this in a Japanese Yamaha store, where there must be lots of weird guitars, have a look at the bass in the left. The price is about $700, not bad if only you could shot with it.

3.– Pikasso


Pat Metheny is one of the most famous jazz guitar players and winner of lots of Grammys. The Pikasso guitar was built for him by luthier Linda Manzer in 1984 and it has 42 strings.

4.– Jeweled Jesus


A Fender Stratocaster carved by Doug Rowell for Mike Deasy in 1969, representing the figure of Jesus with a hand on the bridge. For more weirdness, it was stolen from him and returned 25 years later after announcing it on a webpage.

5.– Cigar box guitar


The guitar for people with few money. Many famous rock and blues players made one themselves when they were young and couldn’t buy one. Made from whatever you could find: cigar box, broom handle,… Carl Perkins, composer of “blue suede shoes” built one in his youth.

6.– Toilet seat guitar


This toilet seat guitar includes all the accessories for making it look very real, like the turd and the toilet paper. Makes me wonder, does it sound like sh*t?

7.– Harp Guitar


For some people (like me) it’s difficult enough to play the guitar, leave alone if it is combined with a harp. This is a combination of two instruments in one, and there are thousands of models, with different number of strings and configuration.

8.– Satan angel guitar


I have no additional info about this guitar, but the picture is weird enough to be included here. Recommended for death-metal and satanic bands, I suppose.

9.– Naked lady guitar


Wanna be really provocative? Then you have to play with this guitar or the next one, whichever fits you most. Both are guaranteed to scandalize your public and, of course, their mothers. Have a look where the jack is connected.

all this from a friend :

make your own punk song with a flash game

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Deen Castronovo

An amazing drummer DAVE a fabulous drummer who played in a MARTY FRIEDMAN re cord " dragons kiss" , in my opinion one of the best instrumental albums ever.
A great drum master .HE played as guest to a lot of band and he gave as his amazing drum playing .Some of the bans which played are the follow.


Con i Wild Dogs [modifica]

Con Tony MacAlpine [modifica]

Con i Bad English [modifica]

Con Geezer Butler [modifica]

Con Steve Vai [modifica]

Con George Bellas [modifica]

Con James Murphy [modifica]

Con Paul Rodgers [modifica]

Con i Journey [modifica]

Altri [modifica]

Rob Zombie with Ozzy Osbourne tour

Oct 18 2007 KeyArena Seattle, Washington
Oct 20 2007 GM Place Vancouver, British Columbia
Oct 22 2007 Rexall Place Edmonton, Alberta
Oct 24 2007 Credit Union Centre Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Oct 27 2007 MTS Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba
Oct 29 2007 Fargodome Fargo, North Dakota
Oct 31 2007 Target Center Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nov 2 2007 Veterans Memorial Auditorium Des Moines, Iowa
Nov 4 2007 Gateway Arena Sioux City, Iowa
Nov 6 2007 Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Rapid City, South Dakota
Nov 9 2007 MetraPark Arena Billings, Montana
Nov 11 2007 The E-Center Salt Lake City, Utah
Nov 14 2007 Rose Garden Portland, Oregon
Nov 16 2007 Stockton Arena Stockton, California
Nov 18 2007 ORACLE Arena Oakland, California
Nov 20 2007 San Diego Sports Arena San Diego, California
Nov 24 2007 The Joint Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov 26 2007 Rabobank Arena Bakersfield, California
Nov 28 2007 Arena Glendale, Arizona
Nov 30 2007 STAPLES Center Los Angeles, California
Dec 4 2007 Pepsi Center Denver, Colorado
Dec 6 2007 Ford Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Dec 8 2007 Kansas Coliseum Wichita, Kansas
Dec 11 2007 Sprint Center Kansas City, Missouri
Dec 13 2007 Bradley Center Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dec 16 2007 Allstate Arena Chicago, Illinois
Dec 18 2007 Joe Louis Arena Detroit, Michigan
Dec 20 2007 Mellon Arena Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dec 22 2007 Madison Square Garden New York, New York

new CARCASS is back!!

Dear Metalheads!

Carcass are confirmed for the W:O:A 2008 as promised!

Let the band speak by themselves:

"Well, they said it would never happen. In fact I said it would never happen. Then I noticed no one pays attention to what I say anyway and I sounded like an idiot...

Summer 2008 will be the twentieth anniversary since the release of CARCASS' first studio album. It will be fourteen years since we last played live. We've decided to exhume the old corpse next Summer at Wacken. The timing is purely coincidental - it's been a long journey to get to this point where myself, Bill Steer and Mike Amott have enough common desire again to make it possible. We're finally conceding to the demand that seems to be at an all time high and doesn't appear to be going away any time soon. Any past reasons we may have had for not wanting to do it, or thinking it was impossible, have simply dissipated in the face of overwhelming interest in us performing THOSE riffs for a generation of believers who never had the opportunity back in the day. We could say we're doing it for 'the kids' - but fuck that ! We're doing it 'cos it will be fun again to play the classic CARCASS tunes !! Of course it would seem inappropriate for us to contemplate to do this without Ken Owen, but I assure you he'll be there, and we'll push some sticks in his hands and make him play, plus we'll have a killer drummer to sit in and play HIS parts.

Myself Jeff Walker on bass and vocals, "the semi-legendary" Bill Steer and Mike Amott on lead guitar and Daniel Erlandsson, filling in for Ken on drums, look forwards to mutilating your hearing.

And if we don't do it ? Who else will overshadow the Led Zeppelin reunion ?

Ha !

Prepare to rot and roll."