Monday, September 3, 2007

hard rock in sharm doesnt play rock

Last week i was in Sharm, Egypt and i went to Hard Rock Cafe .It was very rocky from outside but i realized that they dont play hard rock music at all.They played pop or dance music .So what about the name of this bar Hard Rock Cafe??????. I think that supposed to play only hard rock or rock music.I prefair the 80s or 90s rock music.So i didn't stay a lot of time in Hard Rock Cafe.Also one thing i didnt like is that the t-shirts store had a lot of t-shirts and accessories but all the t-shirts was in a very big sizes .I wear m size and m size was like a xl .very big sizes .Also i realized all this stuff to the similar Hard Rock Cafe in Cairo,The same things........maybe some stuffs of this bar must be change .rock the place

save our planet

Save our planet is good for everybody.This summer was the most weird summers of all last years .we must try to keep the planet safe and healthy .Send this message to everyone to knw about it .It is very serious thing .I know that everyone say:i can safe the planet by my own.But if we try together maybe we can do a lot of things .