Monday, September 3, 2007

hard rock in sharm doesnt play rock

Last week i was in Sharm, Egypt and i went to Hard Rock Cafe .It was very rocky from outside but i realized that they dont play hard rock music at all.They played pop or dance music .So what about the name of this bar Hard Rock Cafe??????. I think that supposed to play only hard rock or rock music.I prefair the 80s or 90s rock music.So i didn't stay a lot of time in Hard Rock Cafe.Also one thing i didnt like is that the t-shirts store had a lot of t-shirts and accessories but all the t-shirts was in a very big sizes .I wear m size and m size was like a xl .very big sizes .Also i realized all this stuff to the similar Hard Rock Cafe in Cairo,The same things........maybe some stuffs of this bar must be change .rock the place
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