Saturday, November 17, 2007

Stazione Birra a great club (italy)

a great club and gig place in ITALY called Stazione Birra .The november gig program is here :
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Nov 17 2007 10:00P
Planet Earth - Duran Duran Tribute @ Stazione Birra
Nov 18 2007 10:00P
Deja Vu - CSN&Y Tribute @ Stazione Birra
Nov 20 2007 10:00P
Andrew & the High Flames - Blues d’autore @ Stazione Birra
Nov 21 2007 10:00P
THE FLOWER KINGS w/Pat Mastelotto @ Stazione Birra
Nov 22 2007 10:00P
Nov 23 2007 9:00P
I.Q. @ Stazione Birra
Nov 24 2007 10:00P
Innuendo - Cover Queen @ Stazione Birra
Nov 25 2007 10:00P
Jonas Blues Band - Blues d’autore @ Stazione Birra
Nov 27 2007 10:00P
HENDRIX FESTIVAL I - Uli Jon Roth, Vinnie Moore, TM Stevens @ Stazione Birra
Nov 28 2007 10:00P
HENDRIX FESTIVAL I - Popa Chubby @ Stazione Birra
Nov 29 2007 10:00P
MARC FORD (Black Crowes) @ Stazione Birra
Nov 30 2007 10:00P
FISH @ Stazione Birra

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Gary moore play HENDRIX

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The Jimi Hendrix Live at Monterey theatrical screening and 40th anniversary all-star tribute concert featuring Gary Moore (guitar) and surviving Jimi Hendrix and the Experience - Mitch Mitchell (drums) and Billy Cox (bass), is still going full steam ahead at the Hippodrome (in London's Leicester Square) on Thursday October 25th. A screening of Jimi's legendary Monterey performance will start at 7:45pm, followed by the all-star tribute concert at 9pm.

The Hippodrome event dovetails the October 29th release of "Jimi Hendrix Live at Monterey: Definitive Edition DVD, CD and HD DVD which features the new Jimi Hendrix documentary "American Landing". The Monterey Pop Festival footage celebrates the 40th anniversary of Hendrix's 1967 US debut with his band 'Jimi Hendrix and the Experience'.

The screening will be followed by a live concert performed by an all-star band featuring surviving Jimi Hendrix and The Experience musicians Mitch Mitchell (drums) and Billy Cox (bass), plus Gary Moore (guitar), Dave Bronze (bass) and Primal Scream's Darrin Mooney (drums). The theatrical screening and concert will be mixed by Jimi Hendrix's original recording engineer, Eddie Kramer.

Screening and concert press release-

DVD press release -

The live cinecast that was supposed to be beamed to over 20 VUE cinemas across the UK will no longer happen. Instead, an edited down version of tomorrow evening's Hippodrome screening and all-star tribute concert will be shown in selected UK cinemas a week later.
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a creat canadian guitar genius

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Nov 6 2007 7:00A
Martone Live with Daniel Adair and David Spidel! Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Nov 7 2007 7:00A
Martone Live with Daniel Adair and David Spidel! Regina, Saskatchewan
Nov 8 2007 7:00A
Martone Live with Daniel Adair and David Spidel Winnipeg, Manitoba
Nov 10 2007 6:00A
Montreal Drum Festival Montreal, Quebec
Nov 16 2007 8:00A
Kadabra at Jerhico Club Vancouver, British Columbia
Nov 19 2007 7:00A
La Guitar Martone Guitar Clinic Moncton, New Brunswick
Nov 20 2007 7:00A
Morris Music Martone Guitar Clinic St John, New Brunswick
Nov 21 2007 7:00A
Tony’s Music Martone Guitar Clinic Fredericton, New Brunswick
Nov 22 2007 7:00A
Buckley’s Music Martone Guitar Clinic Halifax, Nova Scotia
Nov 23 2007 7:00A
Griffith’s Guitar St. John’s, Newfoundland
Nov 26 2007 3:00A
DigiTruck @ Sam Ash w Dave Martone Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov 28 2007 3:00A
DigiTruck @ Sam Ash with Dave Martone Ontario, California
Nov 29 2007 3:00A
DigiTruck @ Sam Ash with Dave Martone City of Industry, California
Nov 30 2007 3:00A
DigiTruck @ Sam Ash with Dave Martone Westminster, California
Dec 1 2007 12:00P
DigiTruck @ Sam Ash with Dave Martone Canoga Park, California
Dec 9 2007 8:00P
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do you like Tommy Lee ...

check some merchandise and live dates stuff here ..........

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Tommy Lee and DJ Aero. DJ'ing a mix of Big A*s Analog Bass, Breakbeat and Dirty Electro House. Get out yer high-heeled Nike's and get ready to dance!

Must known about JOHN5

Real Name: John Lowery
Eye Color: Brown
Date of Birth: July 31, 1971
Place Of Birth:Grosse Pointe, MI
Started Playing:Been playing guitar since the age of 6 years old
Favourite non-Manson Album: "Van Halen " by Ed. Van Halen
Favourite Musical Artists: The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, KISS, and Eddie Van
Favourite Song on "Holy Wood":"Count to Six and Die"
Favourite Song to Play: Antichrist Superstar
Favourite Junk Food: In 'n' Out Burger'
Pets:: 2 Dogs- Jasper & Lucy
How many guitars he owns: Over 80
The Story Behind The Name John5: His name is John and he is the fifth member of the band, It also has some biblical reason as well.
Previous Bands: Red Square Black, froSTed, Ryan Downe, Wilson Phillips, Night Ranger, Two, Ozzy Osbourne, Raven Payne, One Way, Pepperland, kd lang, Lita Ford, Salt n'Pepa, Leah Andreone, David Lee Roth
Equipment:He previously used the Ibanez GAX series guitar, but now he's got a new line of signature Fender Telecaster which are awesome.
Date of Depature: March 30th 2004, no acceptable reason was given

Extra Info:The multitalented and multi-tatooed guitarist made a living as a studio musician from 1989 until recently. John was in the band "froSTed" from 1995 - 1996. Red Square Black was a band John started as a result of his association with Randy Castillo, who was the drummer for Ozzy Osbourne for many years. He would probably still be playing with them if he hadn't of been chosen over 2000 other guitarists to do the KD Lang 1996 world tour. In 1998 John teamed up Rob Halford to start up the Band Two, and released an album Voyeurs, latter that year he joined Marilyn Manson's as the 2nd guitarist to join the band, replacement of the lead guitarist replacing Zim Zum.
John 5 doesn't do drugs or drink, he mainly drinks Coca-Cola or bottle water
John 5 Is A Big Kiss Fan, the band even went to the trouble for his birthday to get 4 Naked Ladies to wear Kiss make-up.

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Megadeth uk tour

Feb. 17 - Norwich, UK - UEA
Feb. 18 - Nottingham, UK - Rock City
Feb. 19 - Glasgow, Scotland - Academy
Feb. 20 - Newcastle, UK - Academy
Feb. 22 - Birmingham, UK - Academy
Feb. 23 - Manchester, UK - Academy
Feb. 24 - London, UK - Brixton Academy
Mar. 04 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
Mar. 05 - Pordenone, Italy - Palasport
Mar. 07 - Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic - Metalmania 2008 - Zimny Stadion
Mar. 08 - Katowice, Poland - Metalmania 2008 – Spodek


The Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp Podcast sat down last week with former MEGADETH and current F5 bassist David Ellefson, who talked about his experience at camp, his current projects, how he got into and out of MEGADETH, and if he'd ever work with Dave Mustaine again.

On the topic of whether he will ever reunite with Mustaine and his former MEGADETH bandmates, Ellefson said, "Dave and I have met — about two years ago, it was. He had reached out to me and I gladly reciprocated and we met and we had dinner and buried the hatchets. There was a lot of legal unhinging with our business stuff together and that's, to some degree… He and I will always be in business sort of the way Lennon and McCartney are always in business because we have a… sort of like we raised some kids — we've got albums, we've got work, we've got our songs we composed together — there's all this stuff, and that's gonna be there. And it was nice for he and I to sit down and look each other in the eye and talk without having managers and attorneys and, you know, the entourage and stuff, around. It was nice, because, really, that's how he and I met — he and I met just face-to-face — and it was nice that we got to have a hook-up like that; I'm really happy about that. And I don't know if that means one day we'll ever be in a room with our guitars on again or if it'll just be, like, when we come into each other's town, we call each other and go out to Starbucks and hang out and get caught up about what's happening with the kids, you know what I mean?! [laughs] I don't know what that is. But I think rather than trying to force it, it needs to just sort of happen on its own time. I think any successful reunion that I've seen — whether it's MÖTLEY CRÜE or THE WHO or THE EAGLES, or whoever it is — it seems like the only successful ones happen because everybody… It's almost like enough time has to go by where you're willing to forgive, you're willing to let… it's, like, the time does heal the wounds, and you're able to sort of move past all of that stuff so that you can be in that place that I saw Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend being — which is with a real sort of gratitude and a real zeal for the rock and roll reason they got together in the first place."