Friday, December 14, 2007

Greg howe live in Athens report

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All begins Saturday night in Athens 8/12/07
First of all i want to say that mr. Greg Howe is the absolute master of the fusion music .I went to the live last Saturday in Athens .It was a great live but they had some problems with the sound .I realize that some times Greg doesnt sound very well .I thing it was mistake of the sound engineer.The other instrument sounds very loud and the Greg sound was behind the other instruments .That was one of the problems but Greg kick asses with his performance.A great guitar fusion staff .Will Kennedy was the first time i heard him and he was amazing .He kick out the drum kit . A great jazz player .He hit the drum kit very loud ........Rufus some problems with the sound .He said to the sound technician to open the bass sound louder.Dennis Hamm i thing it was one of the superstars of the night .i HEARD A LOT OF PEOPLE to say that he was very good player and he gave a great tone to the live .congratulations Dennis.THE music place of the live was the best for this kind of music .Mr fakanas your great job.After that i shoot some photos with Greg and i realize that Greg was a very friendly person with a smile in his face.We love that kind of musicians here .I will ask a permission for the photos and i will post here guys .