Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Greg Howe in Bucuresti, Romania April 2010

Greg at Guitar Day, Bucuresti, Romania 10 April 2010.
This event is a FREE ADMISSION 1 day Guitar festival of Master Classes, demonstrations, and mini performances for inspiring musicians and guitarists. Other guitarists at this event will be Andy Timmons, Michael Angelo Batio, Brett Garsed, Richard Hallebeek, and William Stravato.

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Slayer Goes To Church

Soilwork - Two Lives Worth of Reckoning new song

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage June 10th, 2010

Directors Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen embark on a comprehensive exploration of this extraordinary power trio, from their early days in Toronto, through each of their landmark albums, to the present day. Featuring never–before–seen footage and interviews with notables such as Jack Black, Billy Corgan, Trent Reznor, Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and Gene Simmons, this film explores the forty–year career and phenomenon behind what could be the world’s biggest cult band. Winner of the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award.



Track listing:

01. Avenida Revolution
02. Sexy Little Thing
03. Soap On A Rope
04. My Kinda Girl
05. Down The Drain
06. Bitten By The Wolf
07. Oh Yeah
08. Learnin' To Fall
09. Get It Up
10. Turnin' Left
11. Future In The Past
12. Bad Motor Scooter
13. My Generation

Main Concert:

Running Time: 97 minutes (approx)

Bonus Features:

* Documentary
* Band Interviews
* Running time: 60 minutes (approx)
* Photo Gallery
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Extreme - King of the Ladies (Official Video)

Extreme - King of the Ladies (Official Video)

Lars Ulrich Letter To RONNIE JAMES DIO

"Dear Ronnie,

"I just got off stage in Zagreb. I was met with the news that you've passed on. I'm kind of in shock, but I wanted you to know that you were one of the main reasons I made it onto that stage to begin with.

"When I first saw you in ELF, opening for DEEP PURPLE in 1975, I was completely blown away by the power in your voice, your presence on stage, your confidence, and the ease with which you seemed to connect to 6,000 Danish people and one starry-eyed 11-year-old, most of whom were not familiar with ELF's music. The following year, I was so psyched when I heard the results of you joining forces with my favorite guitar player. You guys sounded so right for each other and I instantly becameRAINBOW's #1 fan in Denmark.

"In the fall of 1976, when you played your first show in Copenhagen, I was literally in the front row and the couple of times we made eye contact you made me feel like the most important person in the world. The news that you guys were staying in town on your day off somehow embedded itself in my brain and I made the pilgrimage to the Plaza Hotel to see if I could somehow grab a picture, an autograph, a moment, anything. A few hours later you came out and were so kind and caring... pictures, autographs and a couple minutes of casual banter. I was on top of the world, inspired and ready for anything. RAINBOW came to Copenhagen a couple more times over the next few years and each time you guys blew my mind, and for a good three years were my absolute favorite band on this planet.

"Over the years I've been fortunate enough to run into you a half dozen times or so and each time you were as kind, caring and gracious as you were in 1976 outside the hotel.

"When we finally got a chance to play together in Austria in 2007, even though I may not have let on, I was literally transformed back to that little snot-nosed kid who you met and inspired 31 years earlier and it was such a fucking honor and a dream come true to share a stage with you and the rest of the legends in HEAVEN & HELL.

"A couple of weeks ago when I heard that you were not going to be able to make it to the Sonisphere shows that we would be sharing this June, I wanted to call you and let you know that I was thinking of you and wish you well, but I kind of pussied out, thinking the last thing you needed in your recovery was feeling obligated to take a phone call from a Danish drummer/fan boy. I wish I'd made that call.

"We will miss you immensely on the dates, and we will be thinking of you with great admiration and affection during that run. It seemed so right to have you out on tour with the so-called 'Big Four' since you obviously were one of the main reasons that the four bands even exist.

"Your ears will definitely be burning during those two weeks because all of us will be talking, reminiscing and sharing stories about how knowing you has made our lives that much better.

"Ronnie, your voice impacted and empowered me, your music inspired and influenced me, and your kindness touched and moved me. Thank you.

"Much love."

Message from Wendy Dio

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The 30th Anniversary RR5FR Rhoads

As the Bloodline celebrates its 30th sonically sinister year, Jackson is very proud to unveil a very special limited edition model of the guitar that started it all, specifically designed and decorated to commemorate the occasion—the 30th Anniversary RR5FR Rhoads.

Only 150 of these guitars have been made—30 apiece in five different combinations of colors and Jackson 30th anniversary graphics (black with red, gold or white graphics; white with black or red graphics). Each of the five versions is hand-numbered 1 through 30 on the back of the headstock.
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Shell: 1.2mm Stainless Steel
Hoops: Die-Cast (10 Hole, Black Nickel)
Lugs: MSL35BN (Black Nickel)
Strainer/Butt: MUS80ABN/MUS80BBN (Black Nickel)
Snappy: MS20SN14S

Slash "By the Sword," featuring Andrew Stockdale

Top-selling death metal band

DEICIDE: 481,131
OBITUARY: 368,616
DEATH: 368,184
CARCASS: 220,734
ENTOMBED: 198,764

The top-selling death metal albums of the SoundScan era are as follows:
MORBID ANGEL - "Covenant" (1993): 127,154

DEICIDE - "Deicide" (1990): 110,719

DEICIDE - "Legion" (1992): 103,544

OBITUARY - "The End Complete" (1992): 103,378

CANNIBAL CORPSE - "The Bleeding" (1994): 98,319


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Megadeth - The Right To Go Insane [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Nevermore new tour dates announced 2010

13.05.2010 (D) DESSAU / Metalfest Open Air Germany
14.05.2010 (A) MINING / Metalfest Open Air Austria
15.05.2010 (CH) PRATTELN / Metalfest Open Air Switzerland
16.05.2010 (B) VOSSELAAR / Biebob *
18.05.2010 (UK) LONDON / O2 Academy Islington *
19.05.2010 (NL) UDEN / De Pul *
21.05.2010 (H) BUDAPEST / Metalfest Open Air Hungary
22.05.2010 (CZ) PILSEN / Metalfest Open Air Czech Republic
23.05.2010 (D) GELSENKIRCHEN / Rock Hard Festival
27.05.2010 (GR) THESSALONIKI / Principal Club Theatre
28.05.2010 (GR) ATHENS / Fuzz Club
19.06.2010 (F) CLISSON / Hellfest
04.07.2010 (TR) ISTANBUL / Unirock Festival
06.07.2010 (SLO) TOLMIN / Metalcamp
16.-17.07.2010 (D) BALINGEN / Bang Your Head
*Special Guest: DEATH ANGEL / Support: CAULDRON

KORN New Album Artwork 2010

Korn III - Remember Who You Are

01. Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
02. Pop A Pill
03. Fear Is A Place To Live
04. Move On
05. Lead The Parade
06. Let The Guilt Go
07. The Past
08. Never Around
09. Are You Ready To Live?
10. Holding All These Lies

Bolt Thrower, Terrordrome, Mass Infection *Greece concerts

Bolt Thrower, Terrordrome, Mass Infection   29 Μαΐου, Σάββατο 20 e
Athens gagarin  , Thessaloniki Principal Club Theater

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Loudness album coming ..... 'King Of Pain'

"King Of Pain" track listing:

01. Requiem
02. The King Of Pain
03. Power Of Death
04. Death Machine
05. Doodlebug
06. Rule The World
07. Straight Out Of Our Soul
08. Where Am I Going?
09. Emma
10. Naraka
11. Doctor From Hell
12. Hell Fire
13. #666
14. Never Comes

Death: The Deluxe Guitar and Bass Tablature Collection

Death: The Deluxe Guitar and Bass Tablature Collection is the first song transcription book based on the Death catalog. Created with the endorsement of Chuck Schuldiner’s family, it features full transcriptions—including guitar, bass and lyrics—of eight classic Death songs, such as “Pull the Plug,” “Zombie Ritual,” “Flesh and the Power It Holds” and many others! 

Plus, Death: The Deluxe Guitar and Bass Tablature Collection includes a life- and career-spanning biography on Chuck Schuldiner, death metal’s pioneer and spiritual guide. This TAB collection is available for the first time for only $19.95!

Transcriptions include:
“Pull the Plug,” as heard on Leprosy
“The Philosopher,” as heard on Individual Thought Patterns
“Crystal Mountain,” as heard on Symbolic
“Flesh and the Power It Holds,” as heard on The Sound of Perseverance
“Scavenger of Human Sorrow,” as heard on The Sound of Perseverance
“Zombie Ritual,” as heard on Scream Bloody Gore
“Spiritual Healing,” as heard on Spiritual Healing
                                                             “Together as One,” as heard on Human