Monday, November 5, 2007

Cosmosquad -Acid Test

O great i am waiting this time a long time ago.This is the most expectable record ever.Its been a long time i heard the cosmosquad's Squadrophenia ( a brilliant album so).This new album is a great rock instrumental jazzy ,fuzzion album with clever ideas and a great guitar and drum session.I like this band very much .They can give you a lot of things in our music .Many many kinds of music different between them.The album has 9 songs ,52 minutes.calm your self with beautiful ways of playing ,its fantastic to travel with this album .Richt know i listen to this album and i realize the plenty of ideas.Some of highlights of this records are the songs the long walk goodbye a little easy one but with a great music .Bedbucket start very jazzy but the fusion part is coming .Also check the lubitorium this is a old cosmosquads style and bedbucket .enjoy this excellent album

my rate in this album is :8/10