Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rock band drumsticks

Item #STK-600
Rock Band Drumsticks - Diehard music fans will love a pair of these Rock Band Drumsticks! Bright and colorful, these collectible drumsticks are made more for display than playing. The design wraps all the way around the stick! Rock Band styles available: Guns n' Roses; Slayer; Iron Maiden; The Who; Judas Priest; Led Zepplin and The Sex Pistols. Great music gifts for the drummer in your life! Laquered finish. Approx Size 5A. One Pair. CLICK HERE to see our other Rock & Roll Drumsticks!

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Custom Amplifiers

Siegmund's Custom Amplifiers are entirely handmade and dialed in to your preferred specifications
Traditional handwired point to point terminal wiring
Versatile & easy to use controls with wide range
Individually handcrafted unique cabinet designs
Custom made top-quality Xfrmrs by Mercury Magnetics
Highest quality components
NOS USA made tubes

from : http://www.siegmundguitars.com/artdeco.html

drumbot amazing custom machine

Check out this video: Drumbot (longer)

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