Friday, November 7, 2008

slayer the ROAD


Slayer Rockhard Motorcycle Street Helmet

Slayer and O'Neil USA have joined forces to create Rockhard Helmets - the ultimate expression in the purest form. Each helmet is produced with exclusive graphics personally approved by the band. Each helmet is produced in limited quantity with each actual helmet certified and numbered and with its own Certificate of Authenticity. Once they are gone, they are GONE! Each helmet passes the highest safety standards from around the world, and are certified with such standards in each country in which they are sold. These standards include DOT, SNELL, Australia, EU, Japan and ECE. Each helmet is produced with the finest in materials and is made with the most comfortable liners for a perfect fit every ride.

Edward Van Halen's guitars

van halen guitars 1

van halen guitars 2

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Metallica Pepsi Center


paul gilbert with greg howe "hey joe"



john 5 upcoming remix CD REMIXPLOITATION

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john 5

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Dennis Chambers Front Page


This is part of Sunnyside Records "Confluences" series.

Recorded at Studio Recall, Pompignan, France in January 2000.

Personnel: Dennis Chambers (drums); Bireli Lagrene (vocals, guitar, bass); John McLaughlin (electric guitar); Dominique Di Piazza (bass).

Front Page

World's Fastest Drummer Champ Art Verdi

my paul gilbert t-shirts from concert

Paul Gilbert tour 08



Learn How To Play Drums Like A Pro

With that in mind, ask yourself these questions:

* Have you ever heard one of your favorite drummers play a unique beat or fill and wonder what they did, or how they were able to be so creative in the first place?

* Are you sick and tired of buying the same old drum books and videos only to find that they aren't "complete", or don't seem to be teaching the beats you want to learn?

* Do you wish you could learn at your own pace and pick the exact drum parts that you want to learn and master? Wouldn't it be nice if you could have an entire library of beats and fills to choose from, so you could pick a favorite and learn EXACTLY how to play it correctly at your own pace?

* When you think of how you will be playing the drums a few months from now - what do you imagine? How about in a year or two? Will you be playing the same repetitive beats and fills every time you get behind a drum set, or are you going to do something about it?

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