Thursday, August 16, 2007

save our climatethe most serious problem in our days is the destruction of our climate .No one cares about world .Everybody says: ican save the world let the big man of the country s do it for us.This is not good ,FOR US ,FOR OUR CHILDREN.WEe must try for the best of this planet .People who grown those years maybe dont have a serious problem but our children maybe cant drink water cant breath .we dont know .One day water will be the most expensive material on this planet i know that .maybe we will say :oh our father and mother doesnt care about water .Know we dont have to drink .In my country Greece this year ,this summer we had i lot of fires .every forests heard burned.nobady of the politician government doesnt maked quick moves .a forest needs many many years to grown.There are a lot of things that human s do wrong we dont love our planet.In my country our climate is absolutely damage .We have summer with 20 c )we supposed to have 35 c in august but...........

Ok i dont like to say a lot of things about this because iam very sud for this situation.


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strange smoke signal

Someday i was sitting in my room and i was smoking a cigarette .after 2 minutes i realized that a happy crazy face was in the filter of the cigarette.It is very strange .this is not a joke or a trick .this happened first time in my life .i smoke for a long time and i havened seen something like that .some of you i am sure you will be laugh .this is a marlboro cigarette.i dont know what to say.Look the photo and say to me your opinion ,this is my first day in blog.thank you all for the welcome ...

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