Thursday, September 27, 2007

unique double drum pedal

A very special double pedal DW 9000 SERIES include a Nylon Strap and can be easily converted from Chain-Drive to Nylon Strap.Also The Free-Floating Rotor drive system allows the shaft to turn independently of the rotor, directing energy from the pedal board straight to the beater. The design also uses friction-reducing ball bearings to optimize the already incredibly smooth, gravity-defying action. BUY OR DIE

Triple-Neck Guitar

This is a laser-firing, three-neck electric guitar that also has a mini pipe organ built in. It has robotic fingers for fretting and three armatures for picking and strumming.I think that MICHAEL ANGELO can play this .I saw him in a drum clinic .

from : oddmusic

Julian Pavone Drummer-2 Year Old

An amazing little drummer JULIAN PAVONE he is only 2 years old and he kick ass with his rhythm !!!!!!!!!!.He stand in one position without a chair .Absolutely amazinggggg