Thursday, November 29, 2007

EXTREME reunion and new album


EXTREME are set to return in the spring of 2008 with their first album of all new material in 13 years. The band features original members NUNO BETTENCOURT (guitar), GARY CHERONE (vocals) and PAT BADGER (bass), along with new drummer KEVIN FIGUEIREDO.

In the coming weeks, EXTREME will announce their plans for a world tour in 2008 as well as a release date and label for the as yet untitled album, which is being produced by BETTENCOURT, who says: “It will have all the ingredients of an EXTREME record. The music is always Funkier than most rock bands—and born a Bipolar Bastard child of Mr. Zeppelin and Mrs. Beatles.”

The Grammy-nominated EXTREME have released four albums, plus two greatest hits sets—selling over 10 million records worldwide—and completed multiple world tours. They also achieved a #1 hit single, “More Than Words”—from their 1990 multi-platinum album Extreme II: Pornograffitti—on the Billboard Hot 100, which they followed with the Top Five “Hole Hearted.” Although these two acoustic hits brought the band great mainstream success, it overshadowed the band’s trademark sound: a mix of hard rock funk in the spirit and style of their predecessors Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Queen and Van Halen—fueled by BETTENCOURT’s signature guitar flights and CHERONE’s resonant vocals—and matched with a social consciousness in their lyrics. A career highlight came for EXTREME when Queen’s Brian May asked them to perform at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert in 1992, which gave the band considerable credibility beyond the hard rock fraternity.

EXTREME have been introduced to a new generation of music fans who are connecting with the band through MySpace as a result of the inclusion of their song “Play With Me” on 2007’s “Guitar Hero” video game. Outside of EXTREME, CHERONE joined Van Halen as lead singer in 1998, co-writing the Van Halen III album and touring the world with them. BETTENCOURT joined up with Jane's Addiction front man Perry Farrell to form the band Satellite Party and co-produce their album Ultra Payloaded. Satellite Party also consisted of drummer KEVIN FIGUIEREDO, whom was previously in a band with BETTENCOURT called Dramagods.

Through the years, BETTENCOURT and CHERONE have remained close and continued to collaborate on occasion. But what exactly inspired them to rejoin forces as EXTREME?

“Rock and Roll Famine…I know it might sound crazy, but there is a massive shortage of rock and roll on this planet,” says BETTENCOURT. “It's almost extinct. I mean the true spirit of quality rock and roll—you know, Musicianship, when you would give up every moment of your day to master your instrument and create your own identity and sound so as to respectfully outdo all your past heroes whilst proudly wearing the badge of their influences.”

“Passion,” says BETTENCOURT, is what drives EXTREME. “To do whatever it takes, with integrity, to bring music to the people, not because of fame…but just cause you simply couldn't wait to share it with them.”

“We realized,” adds BETTENCOURT, “not only are the people starved for rock and roll...So are we. Let's eat.”

Look for the Boston-based group to perform Saturday, December 1 at the Boston Music Awards at the Orpheum Theatre.

Mike Portnoy - clinic solo

Jason Becker tabs rare


1st Arpeggios.
Altitudes from Guitar Man 2th Arpeggios. Look at the video !
Altitudes From Dave Zatuchney Another version
Altitudes From postumos Nearly the same as GuitarMan's but more complete
Altitudes From Francesco Fareri Another version
Altitudes From Grzegorz Musialik Tapping section
Altitudes From Angwie Full song
Altitudes From Joe Lopez Full song
Perpetual Burn

Perpetual Burn From Grzegorz Musialik Ending part
Perpetual Burn From Angwie Full song
Perpetual Burn From Joe Lopez Full song
Mabel´s Fatal Fable From Philippe Laot
Mabel´s Fatal Fable From mkosonen Another version
Mabel´s Fatal Fable From Angwie Full song
Mabel´s Fatal Fable From Joe Lopez Full song
Full song
Air From Joe Lopez Full song
Temple Of The Absurd From Angwie Full song
Eleven Blue Egyptians From Angwie Full song
Dweller in the Cellar From Angwie Full song
Opus Pocus From Grzegorz Musialik
Opus Pocus From Grzegorz Musialik


Rain From Angwie
End of the Beginning From Angwie
End of the Beginning From Gabriel Karlsson
Higher From Sean Kasun
Blue From Angwie
Life and Death From John Makris

Serrana From Takeshi Manabe More arpeggios !
Serrana From John Makris Lick
From Ben Litchman Scale runs before the arpeggios
From Joe Lopez Powertab file
From Richard Lundmark - Tantragurun
Powertab - Arpeggios
From Ryan Morris (IOzzYI)
Powertab - Full song !
Meet Me In the Morning

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i WANT to say something about this brilliant personality .Jason you are in our hearts we love you and we hope to live a lot years .You are the biggest inspiration for all the musicians ,all kind of music .god bless you man .You gave us such a great music all these years.This video is a documentary from a legendary JASON BECKER ,an amazing guitar human kind.We grown with your songs .All we know that you fight with your disease and we hope to get over it.A great KING of instrumental neoclassical arpeggio music ..........

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