Saturday, November 17, 2007

Must known about JOHN5

Real Name: John Lowery
Eye Color: Brown
Date of Birth: July 31, 1971
Place Of Birth:Grosse Pointe, MI
Started Playing:Been playing guitar since the age of 6 years old
Favourite non-Manson Album: "Van Halen " by Ed. Van Halen
Favourite Musical Artists: The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, KISS, and Eddie Van
Favourite Song on "Holy Wood":"Count to Six and Die"
Favourite Song to Play: Antichrist Superstar
Favourite Junk Food: In 'n' Out Burger'
Pets:: 2 Dogs- Jasper & Lucy
How many guitars he owns: Over 80
The Story Behind The Name John5: His name is John and he is the fifth member of the band, It also has some biblical reason as well.
Previous Bands: Red Square Black, froSTed, Ryan Downe, Wilson Phillips, Night Ranger, Two, Ozzy Osbourne, Raven Payne, One Way, Pepperland, kd lang, Lita Ford, Salt n'Pepa, Leah Andreone, David Lee Roth
Equipment:He previously used the Ibanez GAX series guitar, but now he's got a new line of signature Fender Telecaster which are awesome.
Date of Depature: March 30th 2004, no acceptable reason was given

Extra Info:The multitalented and multi-tatooed guitarist made a living as a studio musician from 1989 until recently. John was in the band "froSTed" from 1995 - 1996. Red Square Black was a band John started as a result of his association with Randy Castillo, who was the drummer for Ozzy Osbourne for many years. He would probably still be playing with them if he hadn't of been chosen over 2000 other guitarists to do the KD Lang 1996 world tour. In 1998 John teamed up Rob Halford to start up the Band Two, and released an album Voyeurs, latter that year he joined Marilyn Manson's as the 2nd guitarist to join the band, replacement of the lead guitarist replacing Zim Zum.
John 5 doesn't do drugs or drink, he mainly drinks Coca-Cola or bottle water
John 5 Is A Big Kiss Fan, the band even went to the trouble for his birthday to get 4 Naked Ladies to wear Kiss make-up.

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