Saturday, September 22, 2007

GARY CHERONE a great voice

Gary in the early days was one iof my best voices.He make a big success with EXTREME .Also make a record with VAN HALEN the VAN HALEN III with no success in my opinion .I read today that in a best off VAN HALENs they didnt write anything about Gary .but he maked a lot of lives with the band i cant understand ,this is a strange thing.They dodnt want to remember the Garys years ???????.Also Gary with the great voice ,the balland voice (not all the time ) released a mini ep called need i say more.BEAUTIFUL VOICE , with a beautiful music .I think that Gary is a very talent front man and he dodnt deserved some people to forget him .Also a very strange project of Gary was the Tribe Of Judah .Very strange music for the regular listeners.I cant forget the other progect a, a jazz project see how big frond man he is listen him to the the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.He totally kick ass with his energy .Thats all a great voice for a great ears
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