Sunday, September 16, 2007

"When The Aliens Come" by Martone

A new album of mr. Martone .An excellent guitar album only instrumental songs .He knows how to play the melodic and the aggressive parts.The most of songs are brilliant .I had a long time to listen album so strong with so good ideas and so mystery ,dodnt forget Aliens come........In some parts the album reminds me the classic Satriani stuff but i think the Martone has his own style .some of best songs we have here are the four horsemen, really know, fumble fingers ,the drummer kick ass with his double bass drumming , also mannemanaw is a very good technical song .The most of the songs are brilliant .i think this is one of the best records in the year. Double ffs is my favorite .T HIS IS A step forward for Martone .The new style of dynamic guitar i think helps him in the future.About the production a very very digital recording the best in this kind of guitar instrumentals albums .

my vote is :9/10
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