Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chuck Schuldiner's book

Email your order directly to Chuck's mom.

The price for the book will be $5 for the USA and $7 for Canada. Overseas the price will be $10 for each book. The cost will be the postage only!

Please do not send payment until you receive a confirmation email. The order will arrive approximately 2-3 weeks after payment is received.

Just a short reminder to not send checks, please. Not only does it take an extra 2 weeks for the check to clear, sometimes the check does not clear and Jane's bank charges her a fee for that. Also, only US funds.

Dear friends and fans,

During the spring of 2001 Chuck received a book written by a fan in Iran. This book is a collection of Chuck's songs in English and Farsi and is now in the library there in the poetry section. Chuck was so pleased about it all and considered it an honor.

I have been asked by the author if I would offer this book to the fans and friends here. Many of you have asked me to let you know if anything else is available concerning Chuck for your collection, so I am delighted to be able to make this 134 page book available to you.

The cover is a glossy black with a picture of the Death logo in red on one side and a picture of the cover of the album Perseverance in red on the other side. The price will be 20$ for the books with a cover in perfect condition, some of the covers were just a little bit frayed during shipment and these will be 15$ each. Overseas please add 4$ for shipping for each book that is ordered. *

I think you will really like this book for your collection and I look forward to receiving your order.

Jane Schuldiner

* Note from EW: The books with a cover in perfect condition are sold out, but there are a few books left of which the covers are pretty damaged during shipment, hence the reduced prices. The inside is okay.

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we love you chuck .We will remember you .........
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