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BRUCE KULICK On 'Gene Simmons Roast'

"Gene Simmons Roast" was taped on November 27, 2007 at the Key Club on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, California. Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick attended the event and has issued the following report:

"Got an invite to the 'Gene Simmons Roast' and it was a hilarious evening. It ran so late I couldn't even stay till the end, but some of the jokes about Gene and KISS in general were brutal, but very funny. He asked for it, and he got it. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Nicholas, his son. Imagine a young, spitfire version of Gene, without the knowledge of fame and fortune. A classy offspring, so Gene and Shannon (Tweed) have done great with their unique style of family. He is a family jewel! Sophie [Gene's daughter] was not in attendance as it was a bit blue and, shall I say, inappropriate.

"Also spoke with Geoff Tate from QUEENSRŸCHE, ALICE IN CHAINS' Jerry Cantrell, and Scott Ian from ANTHRAX. METAL SKOOL was the house band, and they are very funny to entertain. I know they will have to edit this event, as it was taped for A&E.

"By the way, I did not roast Gene, that was left for the comedians and his son.

"Can't wait to see the final version.

"Thanks to Gene for the invite. I had a great time!!" has posted exclusive photos from the "Gene Simmons Roast". Check them out at this location.

Each "roast" focuses on a particular celebrity as its target. A panel is selected from the celebrity's peers and current, popular comedians to comically point out the foibles of the personal and professional lives of the celebrity in question.

The "Gene Simmons Roast" was hosted by comedian Jeffrey Ross and is scheduled to air on A&E sometime in April 2008.

Ross stated before the event: "I'm roasting my childhood hero... Growing up, Gene was my favorite member of my favorite band. But that doesn't mean I'm not gonna take him down hard."

A poster for the "Gene Simmons Roast" can be found at this location.

A couple of video clips shot outside the Key Club the night of the "Gene Simmons Roast" taping: Clip#1, Clip#2.

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