Thursday, October 4, 2007

A must for all guitar players (paul gilbert dvd)

Ohhhhhhhhh.Its time to see the most amazing guitarist in the world Pavlo .This is an instruction dvd which Paul played songs from the last instrumental album ΄΄get out of my yard΄'.He played in a slow motion some riffs to help the new guitar players to learn some trick from the master of guitar picking .The run time of this DVD is 134 minutes .Pavlo played some riffs old ones .He explain exactly all the songs of the new album step by step .This dvd is a must no only for the gilberts fun ,but for people who respect them selves .This dvd has a great sound and very good quality .give a try to see it ..A lot of people say to me that its really difficult to play all this stuff but this is good for practice , if you cant play those kind .

my opinion to this dvd is : 8/10
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