Monday, October 29, 2007

Marc Rizzo instructional DVDs 2

"Metal Guitar - Intermediate ft. Marc Rizzo"
"Metal Guitar - Advanced ft. Marc Rizzo"
A great 2 dvds from a vurtuoso guitar player Marc Rizzo come with a free booklet and membership to
Rock House's lesson .develop skills needed to play Modern, Speed and Shred Metal. Learn scales spanning the entire neck, power chords, speed picking, tapping, Marc’s personal bending technique and an arsenal of riffs for you can play.He teach you how to make a metal pure sound .a lot of legato techniques, harmonic minor scales , a lot of tappings .This is a dvd must for all shred guiatr players and also a some flamenco and acoustic lessons
A guitar player who can play all the types of guitar rhythm's .

the price of this :
Sale Price $17.99 each dvd
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