Thursday, July 26, 2007

drum kits artwork

wowwwww .this is the most article drum set i have ever seen .IT is very difficult to play with this set ,it is made with wood .i hope you will like it .Most of people prefer large and big drum kits
my opinion on this ,is that if you are a good drummer you can play with one tom and one crash .look the 60s drummers
they know a lot of tricks on the drums .this article drum kit is very beautiful and i think it will be very expensive if anyone sells it(i dont think so ).the most good brands are expensive.imagine how expensive is this drum kit .the only thing that missing from this set is a china cymbal hahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i think thath to play drums is a very difficult part in music but the guitar player is most important.because a drummer doesnt know to play other instrument .a good guitar player can play rhythm guitar ,solo guitar ,bass and maybe can sing.
another article drum kit is the following this drum set is made with cheese
oh great .imagine a little mouse during a gig ate a little from the tom .i think that mouse doesnt have the guts to do it but this is in my imagination .look at the snare ,a dutch cheese.
i used to play drums a long ago but i would like to play with those drum kits .they are very interesting.the hi hat maybe is made with a Holland cheese.i saw some drummer that have a big drum sets and they dont play with all the parts .i dont like this .one drum player that played with all part is dennis chambers a great drummer .i think everyone know him .i looked him to play in a concert gentle tour in japan with greg howe .he was amazing .he played like machine (jazz n fusion machine :)
those are my thoughts when i saw those article drum kits . i want to say some words about those pictures .i want from you to tell me your opinion about those drum kits ....see ya all of you
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